Growing Pains and Functional Pain Disorders

David Champion, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospital

“We could not have asked for anything more.”

“The assistance has been invaluable and essential.” 

Ferreira  cc

Sleep and Low Back Pain

Paulo Ferreira, Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney

“Twins Research Australia, in my opinion, fulfils its mandate expertly. It understands the needs of researchers, and has the right tools to assist them.”

“TRA was invaluable to our project. At the most basic level, TRA's existence made possible the collection of the entirely of the data analysed in our study. On a deeper level, TRA had the tools on hand to assist with the proper and rigorous analysis of this data.”

Jeremy Wilmer     

Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder

Jeremy Wilmer, Psychology Department, Wellesley College

“It has always been such a pleasure to work with every person at TRA. It is an incredible organization and an incredible group of people.

Travel Grants

HwangSquare     Liang-Dar (Daniel) Hwang

“I would like to thank Twins Research Australia for awarding me the Australian Centre of Excellence in Twin Research Travel Grant Scheme that supported my attendance at the International Congress of Twin Studies (ICTS) satellite meeting, the Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) annual meeting and its pre-conference OpenMx workshop.”

“Attendance of these two international meetings provided me with great learning and networking opportunities. It also allowed me to present my work and made my research more widely known by other researchers in the field. The OpenMx workshop equipped me with enough knowledge and confidence to move from class Mx to OpenMx. I cannot wait to start my next project using this new tool.”

Twins Research Australia

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Twins Research Australia has received continuous funding from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) since 1981, most recently through a Centre of Research Excellence Grant (2015-2022). TRA is administered by the University of Melbourne.

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