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The Global Twins and Multiples Priority Setting Partnership aims to bring twins, multiples, parents, carers, clinicians and scientists together to identify the top priorities for twin and multiple research.

While multiple births account for an average of three percent of total births, they contribute to a much larger portion of new-born deaths (10 percent). The incidence of multiple pregnancy is rising, due mainly to the increasingly widespread use of assisted reproduction techniques and delayed childbirth resulting in advanced maternal age at conception.

However, national audits have yet to focus on multiple pregnancies in any detail and targeted steps to reducing deaths among multiple pregnancies have been consistently absent from service reviews, commissioning documents, inspection frameworks and more recently the UK stillbirth care bundle.

To reduce twin and multiple conditions and deaths, and to improve long term health outcomes, we are bringing together twins, multiples, parents, carers, clinicians and scientists in a Global Twin and Multiple Priority Setting Partnership. This partnership aims to identify the top priorities for research that matter to twin and multiple patients and the healthcare professionals who work with them.

If you are a twin, multiple, parent or carer of twins or multiples, or have clinical experience as a healthcare professional of twins or multiples, we would welcome your participation in our partnership.

What is involved

Joining our partnership would involve giving your opinion on the unanswered research questions “research uncertainties” you think are most important through two online surveys. Each survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We would require you to complete both surveys to ensure the results are accurate and effective.

We expect that a list of prioritised research uncertainties reflecting the most pressing clinical needs, as viewed by twin and multiple families and healthcare professionals, will guide funding and research organisations, worldwide, in setting their research priorities.

There has been much research and work around the health of singletons which neglects the unique needs of twins and multiples and their families. This partnership aims to ensure the voices of twins, multiples, parents, carers and professionals are at the forefront of future research and practice, to benefit twins and multiples.


Asma Khalil

Asma Khalil
Professor Asma Khalil MD(Res) MRCOG MSc(Epi) MBBCh
Professor of Maternal Fetal Medicine
Lead of the Multiple Pregnancy Service
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Fellow (2013-16)
Fetal Medicine Unit
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
St George's University of London
4th floor, Lanesborough Wing
St. George's Hospital
London SW17 0QT
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