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Are you a twin or triplet? A very precious gift that only you can give is the donation of your time to a twin study. By participating in twin studies, you'll be helping researchers to better understand what contributes to our health and happiness.

Below are our latest studies seeking twins and triplets. You'll find there are many ways to get involved - and often it is as simple as completing a questionnaire but this can be invaluable to research.

If you are interested in any, please click on the individual study link. We'll get back to you with further details. If you'd like to be alerted when a new study begins, please contact us. TRA and our researchers appreciate your time and interest.


The resilience study (Twin-10)

Eligibility: Healthy identical and fraternal, same-sex twins. Aged 30-65 years. Live in Sydney or are willing to travel to Randwick for an MRI.  This study aims to identify the psychological and... Read more >

How does diet impact male reproductive health?

Eligibility: Identical and fraternal, healthy male twins - aged 20-45 years. We have seen a shift in dietary patterns with increased consumption of processed, easily accessible foods. Minimal attenti... Read more >

Influences of impulsive behaviours

Eligibility: All twins who participated in the “Resilience and vulnerability to mental health challenges’” in late 2021 or early 2022. How many times every day do you do things on the spu... Read more >

Twins FluTracking Survey

Eligibility: Open to twins and higher order multiples (HOMs) of all ages – identical and fraternal - and parents of twins/HOMs. This special Twins FluTracking Survey enrolment has been develop... Read more >

Neurodevelopmental disorder study

Eligibility: identical twin pairs, younger than 25 years of age, who are differently affected by epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism or an intellectual impairment. Neurodevelopmental disorders like epil... Read more >

Twins breast cancer study

Eligibility: Identical and non-identical female twin pairs, aged 18 years and above, in which one twin or both twins has had breast cancer. This study could benefit all women by clarifying the geneti... Read more >

Health and lifestyle questionnaire

Eligibility: twins of all ages The Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire will be used to help research. It is a questionnaire developed for TRA members and asks about a range of topics including me... Read more >

Older Australian twins study: amyloid imaging

Eligibility: twins & multiples aged 65+ years, living in VIC or NSW.  A known predictor in brain ageing is 'plaques' which contain the amyloid protein. It is not known however what causes th... Read more >

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