If you've ever wondered what really goes on in the lives of twin families, you need look no further than Helga Dalla's breathtaking books of twin photography.

Helga is an award-winning photojournalist who, for the past five years, has focused her camera on twins. Her body of work speaks for itself - she has just launched her fifth book in a series called The World of Twins.

She is especially proud that her books have been recently added to the hallowed shelves of Canberra's National Library and are now a legacy to future generations.

Her latest book delves deeper into the real lives of twin families, some very funny, others sad, and all very revealing.

"I look for the candid shots and stories of everyday life within these special households," she explained. "The stories tell of love, beauty, surprise, risk, joy and heartache.

"I feel very fortunate that these families allow me to share their stories and I'm able to give them wonderful keepsakes. Not surprisingly, many families never get a chance to capture the special moments because they are so busy."

Now Helga, who lives on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, is spreading the joy to twins living in some of the world's poorest countries. She is encouraging fans of her books to join her in sponsoring twins living in poverty through non-profit Compassion Australia.

"We are already sponsoring four beautiful sets of twins in Burkina Fasco and our goal is to sponsor 100." 

Helga plans to visit these sponsored families in North Africa next year, and to document and publish their stories as part of developing a world history of twins.

"Twins share an amazing bond and now they can connect and support other twins where the need is greatest."

The sponsored twins are given access to education, health care, vaccinations, and other social and personal development support. The ATR wishes her every success. 

We thank Helga for her generous support of the Australian Twin Registry. She raises awareness of the ATR through her books and we are very lucky to have her as our official photographer when her time allows.

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