Parents of twins know only too well the mystique that surrounds them; but how many of you are aware of these twin facts?

Did you know that...?

  1. 40% of twins invent their own languages.
  2. Identical twins have different fingerprints.
  3. Twins can have completely different skin tone.
  4. Twins start interacting in the womb at 14 weeks.
  5. Identical twins can develop different diseases.
  6. It is possible for twins to have different dads.
  7. Once you have one set of non-identical twins, you are 3-4 times more likely to have another set.
  8. Nigeria has the highest rate of multiple births and the most identical twins.
  9. China has the lowest rate.
  10. Twins can have different birthdays (longest gap is 63 days).
  11. The 'Jim twins' were separated at birth but went on to lead identical lives.
  12. Mothers of twins live longer.

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