Six months after its launch, the ATR’s Facebook page is attracting daily new followers, with nearly 1400 to date.

Now we’ve added Twitter as another way for registry members and twins to share their news.

Our aim is to keep you up-to-date with the latest on twin health and research, and for twins to connect with each other.

Our stories cover twin research from around Australia and the world, unique stories about twins from the global media, twin festivals and special events, twin parenting issues, and much more.

It’s great that these forums provide us with an immediate and collaborative way to stay in touch with members. We welcome your comments on any of our posts and please let us know of any issues that you would like more - or less - covered on our Facebook and Twitter.

Please keep your comments and photos coming, and encourage other twin friends, colleagues, and family members to join us.

Here are some of the stories that attracted the most interest and discussion from our followers:

Fun – you loved the story on the most popular twin names from around the world.

Unique – you like unique stories about twins such as: Are you and your twin identical but different? Is there a problem with twins dressing the same? These generate lots of debate.

Twins in the news – we've kept you up-to-date with breaking twin news in the media including a story on Channel 9's Sixty Minutes about multiple birth parenting; and another on Australian twins where one twin’s life was saved by participating in a twin brain research study.

Research – thanks for your feedback on our research projects and for responding to urgent calls for more twins for current and new studies.

Twin events – you like news about twin events happening around the world, including the Twins Plus Festival in Melbourne, and a twin photo exhibition in Sydney.

Twin parenting – these stories are always popular with lots of comments from followers about the challenges of multiple birth parenting.

Twin celebrities - you enjoyed the story on Mim and Liv Nevro, the international DJ and song-writing twins from Melbourne who are registry members.

Books and resources – we point you in the right direction for books and resources on twins and parenting twins.

Our Facebook and Twitter keep you up-to-date with the latest on twin health and research, and enable twins to connect with each other.

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