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Snapshot of 2022 studies

29 November 2022

Thanks to all of our TRA members who participated in studies in 2022! Like to know more about how they are progressing? Find out below…..

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New TV show casting call

06 July 2022

A TV production company is producing an exciting, new network show and they are inviting twins of all ages to take part. The show is offering twins a chance to tell their unique and interesting stories and participate in a series of fun challenges. 

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Princess Mary thanks Australian twins and researchers

16 December 2021

Twins Research Australia celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021. TRA's International Patron, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, recorded this special message for the occasion.

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TwinsFest photo competition, raffle and silent auction winners

19 November 2021

Congratulations to winners of the University of Melbourne - Twins Research Australia's photo competition, raffle and silent auction for TwinsFest Australia 2021.

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Join in TwinsFest Australia!

04 November 2021

The first-ever Virtual TwinsFest Australia is happening 7.30pm-9.00pm Thursday 18 November 2021. Enjoy a memorable evening of fun, entertainment and inspiration live-streamed into your home.

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New discoveries into the origins of identical twins

30 September 2021

An international group of researchers has made ground-breaking discoveries into the origins of identical twins.

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Identical twins aged 107 confirmed as world's oldest

22 September 2021

Japanese sisters aged 107 are confirmed as the world's oldest identical twins.

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TRA Director and Researcher release Twin and Family Studies of Epigenetics book

02 September 2021

Congratulations to TRA Director Prof John Hopper and TRA researcher Dr Shuai Li who have edited a new volume in the Translational Epigenetics series: Twin and Family Studies of Epigenetics.

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What can epigenetics tell us about twin development?

20 April 2021

As you would expect, 11-year-old identical twins, Marcos and Gabriel have a great deal in common. They love playing outside, riding on their bikes and playing board games.

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Discoveries revealed over 20 years of children's literacy and numeracy research

03 April 2021

Twin researchers, Professor Brian Byrne and Dr Will Coventry, explain what 20 years of studying children's literacy and numeracy - thanks to over 3000 volunteers twins, triplets and their families - have revealed and how we can help children's development in these areas. 

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Identical twins aren't 100% genetically identical after all, study finds

14 January 2021

Identical twins form from the same egg and get the same genetic material from their parents — but that doesn't mean they're genetically identical by the time they're born.

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New mammogram measures of breast cancer risk could revolutionise screening

13 January 2021

TRA researchers and twin members have contributed to landmark research into world-first techniques for predicting breast cancer risk from mammograms. These could revolutionise breast screening by allowing it to be tailored to women at minimal extra cost.

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TRA researcher recognised in Victorian Premier’s Awards

20 December 2020

Congratulations to TRA researcher Dr Shuai Li who was announced as a finalist in the 2020 Victorian Premier’s Awards for Health and Medical Research.

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Twin study shows pandemic impact on families

04 November 2020

TRA's first Parents of Junior Twins/HOMs COVID-19 Survey  shows that juggling remote learning and work commitments has been a particular challenge for many Australian families during the pandemic. This short infographic provides a snapshot of key preliminary findings from this first-round survey. See HERE.

Twins share breast cancer journey for new study

30 September 2020

Melbourne identical twins Raie Moss and Judy Kohn are sharing their breast cancer journey to encourage other twins to join a major new Australian study aiming to identify factors in early life that may predict risk of breast cancer.

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Twin researcher recognised for pain research

18 July 2020

Eminent twin researcher, Associate Professor David Champion, has received the 2020 Australian Pain Society’s Distinguished Member Award for his outstanding contribution to better understanding of different pain conditions, especially in children.

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COVID-19 findings: Strong close relationships are vital

10 July 2020

A new study of twins and triplets shows how our close social relationships are vital in how we cope with the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Double boost to Australia’s influenza tracking efforts

05 June 2020

Tracking the spread of influenza in Australia is about to receive a double boost.

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Study shows how our experiences shape who we trust

21 May 2020

A study by researchers at University of Western Australia and University of Aberdeen in Scotland has examined the basis of trust and what makes some of us trust more readily than others.

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Twins Plus TRACKERR Covid-19 study

08 April 2020

Researchers are mobilising twins and higher order multiples across Australia to join a world-first study to rapidly measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australians and their families.

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Twins Research Australia: Statement on Coronavirus

25 March 2020

Dear TRA members, partners and supporters

As a member of the TRA community, we wanted to keep you updated about how we are responding to the fast-evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

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More flexible parental leave to benefit multiple-birth families

06 March 2020

Twins Research Australia welcomes the Federal Government's move to improve flexibility of parental leave arrangements. 

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Identical twins with ASD may suffer varying symptoms

06 March 2020

Identical twins with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may experience large differences in symptom severity even though they share the same genes, according to a new study.

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Caesarean twin births triple over the last 30 years

06 March 2020

The proportion of twins born by caesarean delivery in Victoria increased threefold, from 24% to 71% of all twin births, during 1983–2015, despite high-level evidence that routine caesarean delivery of twins does not benefit mothers or babies, according to new research. 

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Workshop - Better health for families of multiples

05 December 2019

TRA hosted an inaugural workshop recently focusing on developing national priorities and next steps to improve health outcomes for multiple-birth babies and their families. Over 30 participants attended and affirmed their commitment to working together to elevate awareness and action in four high-priority areas. 

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Top 10 research priorities for multiple-birth families

10 October 2019

Multiple-birth experts from around the world have identified where urgent research is needed to improve health outcomes for twins, triplets and higher-order multiples.

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SBS-TV insight: the challenges of parenting quads and quins

06 August 2019

They're often heralded as 'miracle babies' that get heaped with attention and adoration - but what is parenting quadruplets and quintuplets really like. SBS-TV's Insight program investigates.

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Owning a dog is influenced by our genetic makeup

05 August 2019

A novel study involving twins has found choosing to own a dog is heavily influenced by our genetic makeup.

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Support needed for multiple-birth families to improve outcomes

26 May 2019

Having multiple-birth babies can be a time of wonder and excitement. But according to a first-ever international collaborative report released today, these babies and their families can also face serious disadvantages compared to parents of single-birth babies.

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Your genetic makeup has little impact on your dental health

02 May 2019

A new twin study has found genetic makeup does not predispose people to tooth decay, however the research did find that children with overweight mothers are more likely to have cavities.

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Twin study probes if nature or nurture makes us sick

11 April 2019

Data from a private insurance company has given scientists a new way to study whether nature or nurture matters more when it comes to staying healthy in the face of disease. Though the answer isn’t definitive or exact — it varies according to each of the 560 diseases that were studied — the technique holds promise for bringing more insights in the future.

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Future of scientific discovery shines bright thanks to twins

20 December 2018

The future of scientific discovery looks bright with a first-ever global survey finding twins and their families world-wide suppport the fundamental role they play in research.

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TRA's 2018 studies by the numbers

03 December 2018

Our 2018 studies by the numbers - this infographic shows the impact of one of TRA's busiest years for research studies. 

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Australian twins feature in global campaign

27 November 2018

Two Australian multiple-birth families share their very different experiences for this year’s International Multiple Birth Awareness Week and its theme: research with multiples benefits everyone.

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Twins, especially male identical twins, live longer

26 November 2018

Twins not only have a bestie from birth — they also live longer than singletons. And those two factors may be related, according to University of Washington research.

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Have your say on the future of twin research

17 October 2018

What are the top health research priorities for twins & multiples?

Are you a twin, higher-number multiple, parent, or health professional supporting multiple-birth families? A new global research collaboration is seeking your opinion on the most pressing multiple-birth issues needing research. 

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Twin ambitions

10 September 2018

Melbourne's Herald Sun reports on a $1 million world-first study that will scan the brains of 300 fraternal twins - now aged 11 and who have been followed since they were in the womb - with the aim of finding the blueprint for creating healthy children.

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Can you judge a book by its cover: twins needed for study

04 September 2018

Researchers at The University of Western Australia are recruiting twins for a study to determine whether genetics play a part in trusting someone based on first impressions.

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What you eat, not your genes, determines sensitivity to fat

15 April 2018

A taste for fat is not driven by genetics, rather it’s all down to diet, a new Deakin University study of Australian twins has found.

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World first study tunes in on singing twins

11 April 2018

Are golden tonsils born or made? A major international twin study hopes to investigate the relative roles of genetic and environmental influences on singing ability.

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Become a citizen researcher into Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

07 March 2018

A new global research collaboration is seeking to improve outcomes for the twin pregnancy condition, Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This research is open to Australian parents and carers with experience in TTTS.

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Meet the power couple of back pain research

01 February 2018

Drugs may not work for back pain but video games might, say experts Paulo and Manuela Ferreira. The couple are former physiotherapists and now University of Sydney back pain researchers.

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