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Five discoveries we can thank twins for

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Tuesday 31 October 2017 Twins have long held a fascination in our popular imagination. And while stories about telepathy are intriguing, says Director of Twins Research Aust... Read more >

New ABC-TV documentary: It’s a twin thing

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Tuesday 31 October 2017 ABC-TV’s premier science program, Catalyst, has launched a fascinating new documentary about twins and why they are so important to health rese... Read more >

What can epigenetics tell us about twin development?

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Sunday 10 July 2016 As you would expect, five-year-old identical twins, Marcos and Gabriel have a great deal in common. They love playing outside, riding on their bikes and ... Read more >

New mammogram hotspots predict future breast cancers

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Sunday 9 October 2016 Melbourne researchers have discovered a new way to interpret mammograms that could transform routine breast screening and save lives. Professor John H... Read more >

Twins help solve the puzzle of growing pains

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Thursday 12 July 2012 Growing pains have long been the subject of speculation and research, and this condition of childhood continues to puzzle. The Pain Research Unit at Sy... Read more >

Low back pain hurts more than just your back

RESEARCH NEWS Published: May 2015 Nearly 80 percent of the population have had, or will experience lower back pain, making it the most commonly suffered pain condition and the third most common... Read more >

New study reveals connection between fat taste and obesity

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Wednesday 26 March 2014 Deakin University health researchers have found that people who do not taste fat in food are more likely to overeat, adding weight to the growing bod... Read more >

Unlocking epilepsy

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Wednesday 29 October 2014 Professors Sam Berkovic and Ingrid Scheffer have changed the way the world thinks about epilepsy. The professors, from the University of Melbourne... Read more >

Twin research reveals our teachers are doing a better job

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Saturday 14 June 2014 It is often assumed that differences in teacher characteristics are the main source of variability in children’s educational achievements. Estima... Read more >

Twins brush up on dental health

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Sunday 10 July 2016 Twin research is helping to better understand the vital role played by dental health in a child’s general wellbeing. Dental problems amongst child... Read more >

Twin study helps unravel mysteries of brain ageing

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Tuesday 6 September 2016 The Older Australian Twins Study, led by Perminder Sachdev and Julian Trollor of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing at the University of New South ... Read more >

Twin union for ACTU president

RESEARCH NEWS Published: Tuesday 4 December 2012 Ged Kearney is a mother of four (including twins), with an extended family of eight siblings, a company director and the ACTU President. How could sh... Read more >

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