Your gift will fund research into the most pressing concerns of multiple-birth families.

Did you know – over the past 40 years, multiple births have nearly doubled? But our health knowledge, services and practices have failed to keep pace with the increasing numbers and changing needs of multiple-birth families.

Our landmark report, Multiple Perspectives (see media story for its main findings) gives us a clear view of the issues, complications and stresses that many multiple-birth families experience daily.

All 100% of your gift will go towards research into areas such as physical, mental health and financial stresses experienced by multiple-birth families, and new initiatives to improve education for health professionals and parents.

Armed with evidence-based findings from our research, we can advocate to improve health outcomes for multiple-birth families. Bringing together governments, health professionals and educators with our families and community groups to make a lasting difference.

Help us to support all multiple-birth families to live happy and healthy lives.

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