Expecting twins?

If so, contact the Australian Twin Registry to receive your free Twin Pregnancy Booklet. This valuable resource contains information about:

  • twin pregnancy including nutrition and weight gain
  • types of twins
  • handy tips for when your babies come home
  • sources of information and support
  • tips on shopping for twins

If you would like a copy of this booklet, please complete an application online or contact us.

Interesting articles about twins

The following articles highlight some interesting facts about twins:

This New York Times article features 2 sets of twins that were mixed up at birth and offers a rare insight into the significance of such twins to research.

Our Deputy Director A/Prof Jeff Craig discusses the topic of identity and multiples int his article from the Chicago Tribune.

AMBA booklets

The Australian Multiple Birth Association is not only a wonderful avenue of emotional support to parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets or more - they offer a wide range of practical tips from how to prepare for the births, to what to do once they arrive and then for the many stages after that. They have a series of very well-priced booklets on offer for parents which are as follows:

Parenting Twins


Assoc Prof Mark Umstad supports Parenting Twins as a comprehensive resource that should be recommended by all doctors and midwives providing care for women who have had, or are expecting twins.

From the moment you return home with your babies this booklet will become indispensable. All areas of raising twins are covered: from settling techniques, establishing a routine, options for feeding and, most importantly, survival tips for parents. The issues involved with having premature babies is carefull and sensitively covered and will be very relevant to many parents of multiples because of the strong association with preterm delivery.


Online community groups

tripletsPlease note any statements and views made on the following pages do not reflect the views and opinions of the ATR. These lists and pages are privately owned and the links below are solely provided as a potential source of support for twins and families of twins.

Support Services


The Australian Multiple Birth Association have launched the 'Purple Butterfly' to help parents who have lost twins, triplets or more:

There are organisations and web forums that are based around the world that assist 'twinless twins':

This group offer support to parents who are have lost twins/multiples: http://www.nationaltwinloss.org.au/

There are also a few closed groups available to join on Facebook if you search 'Twinless Twins'.

Practical Support

The Australian Multiple Birth Association offers support from "those who know".

There is  a wonderful site that offers practical support for pregnancy, birth and beyond:

Pregnancy Birth and Baby

They also have an area specific to twins and multiples: 


Likewise the Raising Children site also has an area specific to twins: http://raisingchildren.net.au/articles/raising_multiples.html

MCHNA; The maternal and child health nurses agency



Katie Wood (Clinical Psychologist)
Address: Castlemaine (private practice) and Hawthorn (Swinburne University Psychology Clinic)
Telephone: 0419542247
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Yael Clark
Educational & Developmental Psychologist (Yael also has twins)
Consulting rooms599-601 Dandenong Rd, Armadale. 3143
Telephone: 0438 559 601
Website: www.supportingparents.com.au



Andrew Greenfield, MAPS CEDP
Child and Educational Psychologist (he is also a twin)
Appointments: 02 8542 1524 (BH)
M: 0412 341 201
F: 02 8088 1313
Postal: PO Box 838 ROSE BAY NSW 2029
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.child-psychologist.com.au


Mental health support


Panda; Post and antenatal depression association 

Jean Hailes for Women's Health (anxiety website): to learn how to manage and live with anxiety.

Reachout; Australia's leading online youth mental health support service.

Jesuit Social Services offer a Support After Suicide program for those affected by suicide. They offer free counselling (either in individual or group format). They now also have a men’s group.

Suicide Call Back Service offers telephone and online counselling. The phone number is 1300 659 467 – available 24/7 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Online counselling as well as resources including a grief & loss support program are available on their website.

Telephone services

Kids Help Line
(ages 5 to 25)
1800 551 800
Confidential, free and available 24 hrs a day.

13 11 14
Confidential, free and available 24 hrs a day.

Suicide Help Line
1300 651 251
Confidential, free and available 24 hrs a day.

Grief Line
9596 7799
Confidential and free telephone counseling.