Pregnancy Booklet

To download your copy of the Twin Pregnancy Booklet, please click HERE

Expecting twins?

If so, contact the Australian Twin Registry to receive your free Twin Pregnancy Booklet. This valuable resource contains information about:

  • twin pregnancy including nutrition and weight gain
  • types of twins
  • handy tips for when your babies come home
  • sources of information and support
  • tips on shopping for twins

If you would like a copy of this booklet, please complete an application online or contact us.

Interesting articles about twins

The following articles highlight some interesting facts about twins:

This New York Times article features 2 sets of twins that were mixed up at birth and offers a rare insight into the significance of such twins to research.

Our Deputy Director A/Prof Jeff Craig discusses the topic of identity and multiples int his article from the Chicago Tribune.

AMBA booklets

The Australian Multiple Birth Association is not only a wonderful avenue of emotional support to parents of twins, triplets, quadruplets or more - they offer a wide range of practical tips from how to prepare for the births, to what to do once they arrive and then for the many stages after that. They have a series of very well-priced booklets on offer for parents which are as follows:

Parenting Twins


Assoc Prof Mark Umstad supports Parenting Twins as a comprehensive resource that should be recommended by all doctors and midwives providing care for women who have had, or are expecting twins.

From the moment you return home with your babies this booklet will become indispensable. All areas of raising twins are covered: from settling techniques, establishing a routine, options for feeding and, most importantly, survival tips for parents. The issues involved with having premature babies is carefull and sensitively covered and will be very relevant to many parents of multiples because of the strong association with preterm delivery.


AMBA club support initiative

The ATR is pleased to again be able to offer AMBA clubs the opportunity to apply for funding. For more information and to download the application form, please click HERE

Applications open on 22nd of October and close 31st December 2013; clubs will be advised of the outcome by late January 2014.

Online community groups

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