How to apply

how to applyFirst, approach the ATR with your study idea or question for preliminary discussion.

Researchers are encouraged to consider early discussions with ATR Management (Director, Deputy Director - Research, Manager, Study Coordinator). This process can be very useful to explore possible twin study designs, available cohorts, and existing data.

The ATR can also provide details regarding sample availability, assistance in drafting approach documentation, discussion regarding possible limitations and advice regarding methodology. Communication can occur via telephone, teleconference, face to face meeting or email.



Please see the ATR Application Approval Procedure Flowchart for an overview.

The ATR Application Process consists of several stages. These are:

Step 1: Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI)

This allows initial timetabling and discussion round feasibility of the project.

The ATR reviews this EOI against the resources required and the number of twins available that meet the eligibility criteria.

The EOI may then be approved ‘In Principle’. You can use this 'In Principle' Approval to tick relevant boxes on grant applications where relevant ie. Does the project require use of an NHMRC-funded facility? Has the facility indicated support for the study?

Step 2: Submission of a Full Application (if EOI ‘In Principle’ approval granted) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with all supporting documentation and (if possible) a copy of the relevant grant application (in confidence).

The ATR formally reviews applications with the assistance of relevant experts, who may in some cases suggest modifications.

The ATR will work collaboratively with you in addressing issues identified in the review process.

Review feedback: The application process is intended to be collaborative, whereby we provide you with every opportunity to address any problems that are identified as obstacles to the ATR’s approval of the application. Researchers are expected to resolve any serious issues that have been raised by either the ATR or external reviewers to their respective satisfaction before the ATR’s approval for the study is granted.

Additional Requirements:

Approach Documentation

Drafting of all documentation used to recruit twins is done in collaboration with the ATR

What documentation is sent to the twins is dependent on the requirements of your study. However all ATR study approaches must include an ATR cover letter and an ATR Response Form.

The ATR strongly recommend this occurs prior to ethics submission.

Ethics Approval

Researchers are required to obtain ethics approval for their research project, and provide a copy to the ATR, prior to commencement of recruitment.

Confidentiality and Data Transfer Agreement

A Data Transfer Agreement signed by both the ATR and the Researchers must be lodged with University of Melbourne Legal Services prior to the commencement of recruitment.

Additional Services Available

  • Grant Application
  • Ethics Application
  • Study Development

The ATR can work with you on developing your grant and ethics applications, provide you with details for feasible numbers of twins, cost estimates, feedback and assistance in drafting documents such as approach letters, consent forms, participant information sheets and questionnaires.

In addition, the ATR can provide a letter of support for the study to help expedite ethics approval and assist you to address any issues raised by the Ethics Committee.

ATR Application Forms

Example Study Approach Documents