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Our Annual Appeal focuses on mental health.

Please support our innovative new twin research project into mental health that requires urgent funding.

With almost half of all Australians aged 16-85, or 10.3 million people, experiencing mental health-related conditions in their lifetime, this research has the potential to a make a significant contribution to the quality of people’s lives.

Mental health conditions can cause distress, and impact on day-to-day lives, relationships and physical health. Our twin study is seeking to better understand the impact of parent mental health on child mental health, and genetic and environmental factors at play.

How your gift will make a difference:

$50 Allows us to recruit a twin pair to the Children of Twins Mental Health Study.

$100 Supports a twin pair to participate in the study looking at genetic and environmental factors in mental health.

$200 Supports our educational program to translate findings throughout the mental health field.

$500 Allows us to support an Early Career Researcher. Young researchers rarely have sufficient funding to access TRA for their studies. Help us to support the next generation of leading researchers.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

You can make your gift online, by mail or our free 1800 number – see below. Thank you so much for your commitment to our unique research.

How to donate:

Please click here to donate through the University of Melbourne website
Freecall 1800 037 021
Read more about this option here


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