ABC-TV’s premier science program, Catalyst, has launched a fascinating new documentary about twins and why they are so important to health research. Researchers and members of Twins Research Australia are at the centre of this special episode, It’s a Twin Thing, now available on iView.

“Twins for the past 35 years have been some of the most carefully studied people in Australia. Over 70,000 twins have been revealing the secrets of how much we inherit from our parents and in what ways our experience shapes who we become."

“Researchers are trying to understand what determines their personalities, makes them succeed at school or even live longer. It turns out that twins research is contributing to knowledge about what makes us who we are. We are a complex interplay of genes and environment. In fact revealing the secrets of this extraordinary group of people may just help all of us live a longer, healthier life.”

TRA researchers featured in this episode include Associate Professor, Jeff Craig (epigenetics), Professor Mark Umstad (antenatal and neonatal care), Professor Bryan Byrne (education and learning), Professor Sarah Wilson (singing ability), and Professor Sam Berkovic (epilepsy).

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