Prestigious award to Australian twin research leader

The ATR's Director, Professor John Hopper, has won Victoria's top prize for scientific discoveries and technological innovations that improve lives. ... Read more >

Tree change leads to a unique career

We thank Sonia for her kind donation to the ATR's 2016 Annual Appeal and for sharing her story: ... Read more >

Currently recruiting twin studies

The following studies are commencing around Australia. Please help research that benefits everyone at www.twins.org.au email twins-atr@unimelb.edu.au or freecall 1800-037-021. ... Read more >

Twins together for 90 years

Thank you to twins, Valerie Munro and Frances Woodward, who took much trouble to write a lovely letter to the ATR to share their special experiences as twins over 90 years.  ... Read more >

What can epigenetics tell us about twin development?

As you would expect, five-year-old identical twins, Marcos and Gabriel have a great deal in common. They love playing outside, riding on their bikes and playing board games. But some differences are ... Read more >

New mammogram hotspots predict future breast cancers

Melbourne researchers have discovered a new way to interpret mammograms that could transform routine breast screening and save lives. Professor John Hopper said the new technique makes it possible to... Read more >

Twins brush up on dental health

Twin research is helping to better understand the vital role played by dental health in a child’s general wellbeing. ... Read more >

Twin study helps unravel mysteries of brain ageing

The Older Australian Twins Study, led by Professor Perminder Sachdev of the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing at the University of New South Wales, has been following TRA twins (65 years and older) for ... Read more >

The Twins of Insight

Twins hold much fascination for other twins and the general public alike, but not everyone is aware of what a valuable role they are playing in helping us understand more about health and disease. Tue... Read more >

Share your research experience

Identical twins Helen Bersten and Joan Rodd are one of 471 very special pairs who have so far participated in the Older Australian Twins Study (OATS). This study has provided researchers with substant... Read more >

Next generation research

Young early-career researcher, Shuai Li, believes twin research has a vital part to play in finding the cause of breast cancer. Based at the University of Melbourne, Shuai is undertaking his PhD with... Read more >

Happy 100th birthday

Fun, friendship and family are the keys to a long life, according to ATR members and identical twins, Mollie Woods and Trudy Hammond. And these twins should know as they’ve just celebrated their 100... Read more >

Currently Recruiting Twin Studies

The following studies are commencing around Australia. Please help research that benefits everyone at www.twins.org.au email twins-atr@unimelb.edu.au or freecall 1800-037-021. ... Read more >

Do twins run in your family?

It has long been understood that inheritance is a factor in non-identical (DZ) twinning; however until recently researchers have been unsure exactly why. The main factors involved in DZ twinning are ... Read more >

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