Celebrity twins, Emily and Laura Sayers, who starred in Channel 9’s The Block are downing their renovation tools, joining a twin study, and encouraging other twins to do the same.

The 25-year-old identical twins from Melbourne have joined the Australian Twin Registry as ambassadors to spread the word about the vital role of twins in research.

They recently undertook their first twin study at Deakin University in Melbourne where researchers are studying why some people crave fatty food and the part this plays in weight gain and obesity.

Other current and new studies requiring twins include:

HPV and cervical cancer (female twins over the age of 25).
Obsessive, compulsive and anxiety symptoms: are they genetically related? (twins aged 18-45).
Bone health and anti-epileptic medication (upcoming study needing junior twins aged 5-16 years where at least one twin has been diagnosed with epilepsy and is being treated with anti-epileptic therapy for a minimum 12-month period).
Eye study (twins aged 18-80 years, living in Western Australia, with healthy eyes as well as those suffering eye disease).
Please join the ATR and contribute to improving the health of twins and all Australians.

Find out more about the latest studies needing twins at www.twins.org.au

Photo: Popular identical twins, Laura and Emily Sayers, from Channel 9’s The Block down their renovation tools to join their first twin study.

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