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Issue 2 Winter 2012

star imagePlease enjoy this issue of the latest ATR news

 imageAustralia's biggest twins festival ever!
It is an experience like no other – seeing thousands of pairs of identical and fraternal twins join together for one big celebration. We share the highlights of Australia’s biggest ever festival for twins and all the wonderful photos. Read more...


 imageCancer tests the close bonds of identical twin brothers
This is a fascinating story of ATR members and identical twin brothers, Craig and Brenton Gurney, who participated in a twin research study as a way of helping others but it led to saving the life of one of them. Read more...


imageTwins help solve the puzzle of growing pains
Growing pains have long been the subject of speculation and research, and this condition of childhood continues to puzzle. Thanks to the help of twins, researchers are better understanding the genetic component of this and related pain conditions. Read more...


 imageThe best place for sharing twin news
Find out why nearly 1400 twins – and more everyday - are following us on Facebook and Twitter. Read more...


 imageVale Robert Balderstone
All at the Australian Twin Registry were saddened to hear of the passing of our inaugural patron, Mr Robert Balderstone. Bob and his twin brother, Sir James Balderstone, helped to shape the early years of the registry. His legacy at the ATR will live on through his identical twin granddaughters. Read more...


imageTwins double effort to reduce risk of broken bones
Do you know of twins or triplets aged from five to 18 years, of the same gender, where one takes anti-epileptic medicine and the other doesn’t, and they live in Victoria? Twins and triplets with these combined attributes are very rare and the ATR needs to find 30 such sets to join a vital study into children’s bone health.

If you are a multiple birth family and one of your singleton children takes anti-epileptic medicine, you may also be eligible to join the study. Read more...

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