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Issue 15 Summer 2016

New year brings a fresh new look

New Studies

As we have evolved into Australia's foremost twin research organisation, we thought it was important to reflect this in our name. Hence we are about to announce a name change to Twins Research Australia.

Although we’re not making the change until early next year, we wanted our twin members to be the first to know – so we are delighted to bring you a sneak peek of our new logo. We also have a new tagline to aid understanding of what we do.

Why the change of name? Our name as the Australian Twin Registry has long caused confusion with many people understanding it was a register of twin names but unsure for what purpose. As you know, our members and researchers are dedicated to research that benefits everyone’s health. But this was not apparent in our existing name. We hope our new logo achieves this.

Please be assured your role as a valued member will not change. We will continue to conduct twin research and to seek your help in joining in twin studies. Our vital work together will continue as usual but with a new name.

The new logo reflects our proud heritage - blue and yellow have been our 'signature' colours for over 35 years. The 'entwined' twins represent the twin bond that makes our research possible, and the diversity of our twin members. They are all ages, gender, races, identical and non-identical. A helix/DNA strand links the twins together, pointing out how twin research is the best way to understand how genes and the environment impact our health.

We hope you like the new logo and welcome your comments here. Look out for its launch and our new-look website in early February 2017.

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