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Issue 14 Winter 2016

star imagePlease enjoy this issue of the latest ATR news

 imageDo twins run in your family?
New research into the genetics of twinning has identified two genes involved in non-identical twinning. This exciting finding may help better understand infertility issues in women. More research is still needed however to explain how and why identical twins also seem to run in some families. Learn more...

 imageCurrently recruiting twin studies
Could a tailored exercise program improve your health? A new study in WA aims to answer this question. We are seeking twins for this project and other new studies around Australia. Learn more...

 imageHappy 100th birthday
Are these the oldest identical twins in Australia? Mollie Woods and Trudy Hammond celebrate their 100th birthdays and share the secrets to a long life. Learn more...

imageNext generation research
Budding next-generation twin researchers, like Shuai Li, are leading the charge to find the cause of breast cancer. Learn more about his fascinating research seeking the origins of this disease. Read more...

 imageShare your research experience
There are many benefits to research participation. The opportunity to contribute to ground breaking research is one of the most significant. Less common however is the opportunity it may provide for poetic inspiration! Read more...

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