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Issue 11 Spring 2015

star imagePlease enjoy this issue of the latest ATR news

 imageLow back pain hurts more than just your back
Low back pain is our most commonly experienced pain condition, affecting nearly 80 percent of us at some stage of our lives. A new twin research project aims to understand why low back pain occurs and how it can be prevented. Learn more...

 imageCurrently recruiting twin studies
Does belonging to groups make you healthy? We have a number of different projects currently recruiting twins, including a fascinating new study looking at why people join groups. Learn more...

 imageHow twins switched at birth are helping research
Imagine growing up as a fraternal twin, only to discover many years later there had been a hospital mix up where you had been split from your true identical twin. But the twins at the centre of this real-life tragedy are determined to find some good in it all. Learn more...

imageTop tips for parents of twins and triplets
Developing your own sense of self can be a tricky part of growing up for anyone – but for twins and other multiples, it can be an even bigger challenge. Learn more...

 imageTwin photographer on a mission
Twin photojournalist Helga Dalla's breathtaking imagery has brought countless joy to twins across Australia. Now she is sharing the joy with twins in some of the world's poorest countries. Read more...

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