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Issue 10 Winter 2015

star imagePlease enjoy this issue of the latest ATR news

 imageFederal Government announces new Australian Centre of Excellence in Twin Research
The vital role of twins in research has been recognised with the Australian Government announcing a new Australian Centre of Excellence in Twin Research. This new centre will provide ongoing support for the Australian Twin Registry. Learn more...

 imageCurrently recruiting twin studies
Are you interested in becoming involved in research? We have a number of different projects that are currently recruiting. Learn more...

 imageZygosity testing doubly important for twins
A new study has found that providing certainty to twins about whether they are genetically identical or not can make a difference to their physical and emotional wellbeing. Learn more...

imageTwins in space
The NASA twin project is demonstrating that twins are uniquely placed to offer insights relevant to all of us, even from outer space. Learn more...

 imageTwin legacy for global cures
A life-threatening illness led to this twin to consider how she could contribute an enduring legacy to the quest to find global cures. Learn more...

imageFun times at the 2015 Twins Plus Festival
Hundreds of twins and triplets gathered at Caulfield Racecourse to celebrate the magic of ‘multiplicity’. Learn more...

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