Celebrating over 40 years of twin discoveries

Twins Research Australia is celebrating over 40 years of life-changing discoveries.

We thank our twin members and their families, our researchers, supporters and partners – without you, we could not have come so far. Together we have made a real difference to improving people’s lives both in Australia and around the world.

And we’re incredibly excited about working with you to achieve even bigger and better things in the years’ ahead.

We celebrate the combined efforts of our twins and researchers and look at some of the remarkable achievements of Australian twin research.

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Professor John Hopper

Research field: Breast cancer

Australia is recognised as a world-leader in twin research, not least because of the tireless work of TRA Director of 30 years, John Hopper. His latest research has discovered new mammogram measures of breast cancer risk that could revolutionise screening... Read more  

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Associate Professor Jeff Craig

Research field: Epigenetics & the origins of chronic disease

Groundbreaking research by Jeff and his team has shown that the environment experienced in the womb may have a greater effect on our future health than previously thought... Read more 

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Professor Perminder Sachdev 

Research field: Healthy brain ageing
Perminder and his team are mapping a genetic blueprint of the brain to shed light on how and why neurological diseases develop as we age…. Read more

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Professors Sam Berkovic & Ingrid Scheffer

Research field: Epilepsy

Sam and Ingrid have changed the way the world thinks about epilepsy, finding inherited and acquired forms of this condition that affects over 50 million people worldwide... Read more

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University of South Australia

Research field: Dental & oral health

Through one of the longest-ever twin studies in Australia, the UniSA team have made vital discoveries about children’s dental development – and how it can impact their general health… Read more

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Professor Brian Byrne & Dr Will Coventry

Research field: Children’s education, learning & development

Brian and Will's research is identifying how inherited and environmental factors influence children’s academic performance. This is leading to questions about how we can better educate our children to reach their full potential … Read more

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Associate Professor David Champion

Research field: Growing pains

This condition is surprisingly common, with up to 30% of children suffering from it for an extended period. David is unravelling our understanding of this little-known disorder and how we can help children with this and other pain conditions… Read more

 x ray back pain Cropped  

Dr Paulo Ferreira

Research field: Back pain

With over four million Australians suffering from back pain at any one time, Dr Paulo Ferreira is on a mission to better understand the origins of back pain, and how diagnosis and treatment can be improved… Read more

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Associate Professor Russell Keast

Research field: Obesity

With increasing levels of obesity in Australia, Russell is spearheading research to better understand why some people crave fatty food more than others, and to help people eat more healthily… Read more




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